【VRChat】Knife/HandGun「Silbesca(シルベスカ)」【Weapon Model】

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[Description of product/商品説明]

This is a sci-fi style weapon model with a knife and pistol.

It is intended to be used in VRChat by adding it to an avatar.

Bullet firing animations, effects, gunplay animations, etc. that are compatible with Avatars 3.0 and Avatar Dynamics are implemented.



Avatars 3.0、及びAvatar Dynamicsに対応した銃弾の発射アニメーション、エフェクト、ガンプレイアニメーション等が実装されています。

[Term of Use/利用規約]

Note: Personal commercial use is intended for "monetized live streaming," "monetized video," and "use of models in a game in a non-extractable state".
The sale of avatars with models or textures incorporated into them, or the sale of models or textures that have been appropriated, is a violation of the UV Licensing Basic Terms 4 and 7.3.

This model is released under UV license.

This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms.

・Personal Commercial Use

・Corporate Commercial Use

・Distribution of Derivative Works

・Political or Religeous Use

・For Adults, Sexual Expressions Use

・For Adults, Violence Expressions Use

This data has the following special notes.

・Only the purchaser of the Product shall be permitted to upload a public avatar on VRChat.

However, the Vendor shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused to the purchaser or user by the uploaded public avatar.

For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL.
















[更新履歴/Update Logs]

V1.5.5(Avatar Scaling Particle Fix)

・VRChatの新機能「Avatar Scaling」を用いた際に装備出現時のパーティクルのサイズが変更されていなかった問題の修正



・Maskmap、Ambient Occlusionなどを含むテクスチャを追加収録


・Fixed an issue where the size of particles when equipment appeared was not changed when using the new "Avatar Scaling" feature of VRChat.

・Changed the default to Occlusion applied to the Base material (can be disabled by setting the Occlusion value to 0 if not needed).

・Changed texture naming conventions

・Includes additional textures including Maskmap, Ambient Occlusion, etc.

・Update shared assets (e.g. Animation) with other weapons to the latest version of the current version.

V-.-.-(Combined Assets V1.0.2)

・Menu ParameterにRecolyceaが追加されていなかった問題の修正

・Fixed problem with Recolycea not being added to Menu Parameter

V-.-.-(Combined Assets V1.0.1)

・全武器統合済みAnimator Controller等のアセットをRecolyceaを含むものへの更新とバージョン表記の追加

・Updated all weapon integrated Animator Controller and other assets to include Recolycea and added version notations



・Fixed reddish discoloration of Body mesh in Liltoon shader.



・Fixed a problem in which outlines available in toon shaders were generated in unintended areas.
・Added a key to the spin animation to avoid a bug.



・Update as other weapons are updated.
・Fixed an issue where firing animations would infinitely outburst under certain circumstances

--Started selling on Gumroad/Gumroadでの販売を開始--



・Fixed a problem in which parts were rotating even when stowed due to a mistake in some animations.

V1.5 Avatar Dynamics Update

・Avatar Dynamicsへの対応



・Support for Avatar Dynamics

・Significant control modifications to the above

・Price increase due to increased management costs







・Weapon Windowの同梱忘れを修正

-Changed to build in Unity 2019 environment

-Changed shader settings for firing effects

-Fixed an issue where some of the firing effects were not playing properly.

-Added rotation effect during gun play.

- Fixed the problem of guns firing frequently after the adoption of Unity2019

-Fixed the problem that the Weapon Window was not included.





-Support for Avatars 3.0

-Implemented bullet firing, appearance effects, etc.

-Implemented gun play with HandOpen.

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【VRChat】Knife/HandGun「Silbesca(シルベスカ)」【Weapon Model】

13 ratings
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